Standal was created in 1979 with a quality level that remained. We are a multidisciplinary studio focusing in refurbish, architecture, interior design, building trade and home automation; and we are leaders because of the passion and effort that we put in each project, while offering a service according to the needs of our customers.

Trusting our team is the reason for our success: architects, engineers, interior designers, decorators, builders, installers, industrialists, suppliers and hotel consultants who are part a professional group focused in fulfilling the expectations in each project because excellence is our main goal. Them all are our main supporters on being a leader company in building trade and global refurbishment for houses, apartments, buildings, shops, stores and hotels.

We analyze, evaluate and execute the project according to the highest demands, from the reform of the house or shop, and also building the whole space if needed. We have a proven experience and great results, so more than a half of the new orders come from satisfied customers, because we always offer the best solutions with the most suitable materials, decoration accessories and furniture.


We have a huge experience in building and architectural projects, both integral and partial. We offer a full service and take part in each task: preliminary diagnosis, project definition, memory, sketching, budget and execution of the work, including advice and execution of all legal obligations. Our team of expert architects, surveyors and interior designers coordinates the whole project, with a professional way of work and with the support of the best suppliers who offer us tailored products.


We transform spaces to get the best performance. We carry out the whole refurbish of houses (flats,studios, apartments or lofts) or businesses to enpower the benefits (shops, stores, restaurants, bars, hotels, showroom, franchises and offices), including the bathroom and the kitchen, focusing on three main goals: design, quality and price. We develop projects from the design adapted to the client’s needs up to lighting, painting and final decoration, always with the highest transparency and the strictest quality controls.


The goal of our interior designers is that any business, home or building transmits the values that our customers demands. Interior design will let you to thrill them all, so investing in a professional project is the best way to enpower a space. We have an excellent technical team with the support of suppliers with proven experience in huge projects, both in interior design and full refurbish, which allows us to develop each project with a very high quality level while satisfying our customers.


We listen carefully to our clients and offering the most advanced solutions, always with the best attitude and transparency. We create decor projects, both interior and exterior, beautiful and functional. With a very demanding quality control and inexpensive prices, thanks to our close relationship with top-level manufacturers, our work is based on finding the best proposal for each place, with a team of decorators that take care of the customer and are always ready to solve any issue.


A smart home installation wants to bring advanced services to one or more users, focusing on comfort, security, networking and energy saving. We need to know the real needs of the users to find the best setup for your home automation, so we develop a huge study to identify them while using the last technology with no brand exclusivity.

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